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Tristar deals mainly the importation of home appliances from the highest sector market: Europe. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and meet their everyday needs. Due a long and close partnership with European manufacturers, Tristar is the leader in the Vietnamese market. Our customers receive world class products at a very reasonable cost.We have offices located in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the two major business centers of Vietnam; we control and develop the company’s activities throughout the country.
Despite the company just being founded in 2002, a young history, Tristar is recognized as a trusted figure by all the partners & customers, both domestic & foreign.
    * Advanced Organization & Organization
    * Financial Stability
    * Well-trained Personnel
    * Aggressive & Trustworthy


Tristar deals mainly the importation of home appliances from the highest sector market: Europe. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers and meet their everyday needs. Due a long and close partnership with European manufacturers, Tristar is the leader in the Vietnamese market. Our customers receive world class products at a very reasonable cost.


A system of Showrooms & over 300 Priority Shops located in all the major cities throughout the country, in combination with complete customer care services make Tristar well-known as the best supplier in Vietnam. We service both retails and commercial markets with strong support and guidance given to the owner, developer and architect or designer. Our team of friendly consultant endeavors to understand each particular need.


Tristar is committed to introducing our customer to a new standard of living, the convenience and pride of owning a high-end product.
Our products are selected for their quality of design; a Tristar appliance represents style and prestige in the home or office. 
From luxury hotels, executive serviced apartments or private homes, new building projects or re-modeling jobs, we aim to provide a high quality product on international standard of services and excellent value for money. We offer a comprehensive range of products designed for the home and strive to provide the customer with the latest technology and contemporary design.


Mondragón Corporation embraces 220 different companies, with a total of over 92,773 employees, and is structured in three large groups: financial, distribution and industry, headed by Fagor Group.
Fagor Group is one of Spain’s leading corporate group, with a turnover of 16,770 million euro, and figuring among the largest groups in the Spanish business rankings.
Fagor Group is among the top largest manufactures of the home appliances in Europe. It concentrates in multi business areas such as: Cooking, Washing, Dishwashers, Cold, Comfort, Mini- appliances…    
Thanks to the European highly advanced science and technology and superior manufacturing technique, Fagor brand has been very prosperous for over 55 years. It is not only widely known in Spain, but also very popular in all over the world. Fagor’s products have been presented in more than 130 countries and regions in European, America, Asia, Africa ect…
We have foreseen the opportunities in Vietnam. In 2002, an international cooperation agreement was signed between Fagor and the local prestigious company, Tristar Vietnam Ltd., to start up the business in Vietnam. Immediately a sales network was set up throughout the country and by the end of 2003, a complete network including ten showrooms and hundreds of sales shops has been reinforced and newly opened. Also two service centers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City have become operational in order to take care of our clients.


Indisputably, the leader of the Spanish electrical appliance market, Fagor has clearly shown its vocation to develop and reach the highest international level. Currently, we have 19 production plants in 18 countries. To satisfy specific customers’ needs in different retailing areas, Fagor Group has brought 12 diverse brands to the international market. The two luxury brands presenting in Vietnam are Fagor and De Dietrich.
Europe is our main market. It concerns 88.6% of the Group’ sales, headed by France with 38% of our turnover and Spain with 32%. Furthermore, our commercial presence extends to more than 130 countries worldwide, supported by an extensive network of commercial subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom, the USA, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore ... together with international distribution partnership in Australia, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Thailand, Vietnam...


Our mission as well as the common focus for the whole of our organization is summed up with: " We are European Group, set up by persons with the commitment to society, and the pioneer in providing innovation products and services for improving people's quality of life”.


Fagor is ready to get the challenges of the 21st century. We always focus on satisfying the need of every customer in the market. It is our principal goal.
To satisfy the customers' needs, we have to know our customers well by multiple contacts such as meetings, product presentations, etc... By this way, we can pinpoint our customers' needs and exceed their expectation via the solutions aimed at the total satisfaction. Fagor contributes to the comfort and the daily life by the means of products with the latest and efficient technology, energy saving and modern Europe designs. Above all, Fagor's products are totally reliable and safe in operation.


Imported CBU products
All Fagor products are totally produced in EU and exported into Vietnam.
The most advanced technology
All Fagor products are the perfect combination of modern design and the most advanced technology.

The longest warranty in the market

At Fagor, we are offering free of charge 3 - years warranty policy while almost all other suppliers only offers 2 years as maximum. The professional customer cares, carried out by certificated and experienced technical staffs, spare parts are available in stock, always makes you happy.

The most synchronized range in the market

Fagor offer customers not only the particular product but also a total solution for your kitchen space. We are proud to be one of the few manufacturers in the world which is capable of providing a full range of kitchen appliances for your home. Fagor products are combined perfectly together to create the absolute luxury space.


• No. 1 in Eco-design Certificate (Washing businesses), awarded by AENOR.
• European Award for Quality Management in the Cooking Business
• Gold Q for Quality in Management
• Prince Felipe Award for business excellence in internationalization.
• European Ecology Award for the Product for sustainable development.
• First official technical services network to obtain ISO 9001 AENOR.
• Quality Systems Certifi cates based on ISO 9001
• Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001.
• Health and Safety at Work System based on OHSAS 18001
• Innovation Award, Paris Trade Fair 2007, for the Quattro Dishwasher.
• “French Trustworothy Brand 2008” for the fifth consecutive year, for the BRANDT brand.
• Customers’ Gold Laurel in the “Gas and Ceramic Hobs” category
• Customers’ Gold Laurel in the Discovery of 2008 category, for the induction hob for the Mastercook brand.
• “Exemplary Company” Award granted to Fagor Mastercook for their Responsible
• Novia Salcedo 2010 International Award for “Excellence in the professional Integration of Youth” in Spain.
• Superbrands International Award 2012 for Mastercook brand in Poland.




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The 10th anniversary ceremony of Tristar

Fagor Vietnam officially became the partner of Tan Hoang Minh Group

Tristar Co., Ltd in FAST500 - top 500 enterprises with the fastest growth in Vietnam public utterance in 2011

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